Fortnite Guides - December 21, 2021

2 Ways To Kill The Foundation Easily In Fortnite And Obtain The New Mythic MK-7 Assault Rifle.

If you have ever come across The Foundation in The Sanctuary, you would know how hard it is to kill him. Having a ton of health, The Foundation is an absolute TANK. Well, if you want to kill him and get the new Mythic MK-7, then here’s two ways to kill the Foundation easily.

1. Using The Harpoon

Even though you might already know this, but if you find a harpoon and really want to get the Mythic MK-7, build high up near the Foundation and then just aim your harpoon at The Foundation and press the trigger. You will see the foundation fly up and die from fall damage.

And there you go! You have now obtained the amazing Mythic MK-7! Be careful though, because you never know when someone could come from the back, chop your builds and eliminate you from fall damage!

2. Hiding in the new bushes.

Not many people have talked about this yet, but if you do not find a harpoon but really want to get the mythic, then hide in these new bushes all around the Sanctuary and you will kill the Foundation without taking a single hit point of damage!

This works because The Foundation only walks around outdoors. That is why you can almost never see him in a building. Again, be careful not to go out of it though, because as soon as you do, The Foundation is going to get angry and shoot at you. If that does happen, good luck surviving!

Bonus: These are some weapons I suggest using against the Foundation to eliminate him.

These weapons are:

The MK-Seven Assault Rifle
The Stinger SMG
The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

These are the best weapons to damage the Foundation and take him down easily. Remember, he is only found outdoors, so good luck getting the new Mythic MK-7 Assault Rifle!

Thanks for reading! If you want to share your perspectives on more ways to kill the foundation, be sure to do that in the comments below!