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Fortnite Apex Legends Map Code (January 2023)

The battle royale first-person shooter genre is ever-evolving with some of the top names boasting a humongous player base. It is no surprise at all to find Fortnite players enjoying other BR games like Apex Legends and vice versa. Some of the best FPS battle royale games right now include Warzone 2, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Needless to say, players want to enjoy elements of these games in a different setup, and Fortnite provides it for the community with its most innovative Creative Mode. Here is a Creative Map code that players can join to experience the thrill of Apex Legends in Fortnite.

How to play Apex Legends in Fortnite Creative Map Code and more details

A Twitter post from Apex Legends Youtuber @Cutnoid highlighted a Fortnite Creative Map that looks exactly like World’s Edge. This popular battle royale map in Apex Legends features some of the toughest areas to land at in the game, and players can enjoy it by queuing up in Fortnite Creative. The Creative Map is called Fortpex and its Island Code is 2701-2062-2172.

Players can choose different character abilities from Apex Legends in this Fortnite Creative Map which adds to the wholesome experience. Comparisons between Fortnite and Apex Legends were always heavily debated by community experts, and players will also find new equipment which resembles a Legend’s ability. The new Guardian Shield in Fortnite is quite similar to Newcastle’s Tactical Ability in Apex Legends, adding to the unmistakable similarities between these two battle royale giants.

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How to use Fortnite Creative Code

To use a Fortnite Creative Code, players need to start the game and visit the Discover Tab. From there, navigate to the Island Code section, and click on the empty bar to activate the cursor. Type in the respective Island Code and press Enter to load the Creative Map. Players can click on the heart icon to make the map a favorite, this allows them to access it easily. There is also an option to choose between a Private or Public match while loading up different Creative Maps. Here are some of the other Creative Maps players can try in Fortnite.

  • Box Fights and Zone Wars Map Code: 9228-8994-1362
  • Ultimate Aim Training Course Map Code: 2483-7229-2827
  • 1v1 Box Map Code: 4174-4446-0308
  • Headshots Only Pump Wars Map Code: 0545-1862-6292
  • Pandvil Build Fights Map Code: 7555-7193-2726
  • Aim + Mechanics Map Code: 1611-0113-8283
  • VHS Project Code: 0444-2689-6036
  • Chapter 3 Weapons Map Code: 5771-9792-3669
  • 1v1 Map Codes: 7929-4173-5603
  • Ultimate Desert 1v1 Build Fights Map Code: 6101-9537-4403
  • Warm-Up Map Code: 7264-2987-8032
  • Blue VS Red Vent First Person: 0532-3462-3627
  • Head-Shot Only Box Fight Striker Map Code: 1239-8960-3295
  • First Person Box Fights Map Code: 4392-1871-9556
  • Radier 464’s Aim Training Map Code: 6531-5731-1207
  • First Person Snipers Map Code: 3459-8305-1162
  • Snipers vs Runners Galactica Map Code: 6990-3149-3776
  • Chapter 4 Map Codes: 3651-8514-2538
  • ZERO 1v1 Build Fight Code: 6232-4881-6009
  • Every Gun Map Code: 6155-1398-4059
  • Build Fights Map Code: 7555-7193-2726

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