News and Updates - December 16, 2021

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 Updates 19.01 Cosmetics and New Survey Leaks and Winterfest

So today we are going to be talking about the new skins that have been updated in the 19.01 V update for Chapter 3 Season 1, many leakers have tweeted the skins that have been updated by epic games through many surveys. These skins are definitely a treat for the users cause these skins are really well made and many people have been waiting for these skins. This part of the year is always the most fun part cause around this time Fortnite starts its annual Winterfest where players get to interact with the ‘CABIN’ for 14 days where we get to open presents that contain a wide variety of items from various pickaxes to emotes to even free skins. This year Winterfest has begun on December 16th.

About the Survey

Now moving on the skins that have been shown in various tweets have been added through various surveys. There are tons of skins to be yet added to the game from the following pictures.

Cosmetics That Probably gonna make it to the Game Soon
Cosmetics That Probably gonna make it to the Game Soon

I am going to brief on a few outfits here that caught my interest:

  1. So some of the outfits have already been added into the game like the Cozy Jonesy Skin( 2nd picture , last row , 2nd last skin), and many of the outfits like Shanta ( 2nd picture , first row , 5th picture from the right) have been added as the battle pass skins for Chapter 3 Season 1.
  2. As we can see that the famous packs like Tech Future Pack have already been released and have been teased in this survey pictures which confirms that all the other skins will most likely come to the game at some point in time.
  3. Now it has been confirmed that the Three Frozen Skins ( Frozen Midas , Frozen Crystal , Frozen Renegade Raider) are going to be sold as a pack in the item shop its cost is estimated to be around 2800 vbucks. Regardless of the price I think these skins are worth the vbucks cause they are one of the cleanest remakes to their original counterparts.

For the gameplay u can refer to the video below:


According to Hypex the following skins could be the “SISTERS” or if Hypex is wrong this could just be one skin with two different variants it can’t be confirmed until epic releases these skins officially. Epic has also possibly leaked the next member of “THE SEVEN”. So far only “THE VISITOR” was introduced in chapter 1 season 4 as the secret skin of the battle pass and then they introduced “THE SCIENTIST ” in chapter 1 season X it could be earned by completing all the METEORIC RISE MISSIONS. The third member was the paradigm skin that could be purchased from the item shop back in chapter 1 season x. Hypex pointed out that the following picture could possibly be the next member of “THE SEVEN” :

WINTERFEST: Now as said in the intro we will be getting 14 gifts while interacting with the cabin. Note that these gifts will be opened by us one by one over a time period of 14 days. Last year the NPC in the cabin was “CRACKSHOT” this time it is “SGTWINTER” this skin was a part of the battle pass back in Chapter 1 Season 7 on Tier 23. The picture of the cabin is given below:


Now moving on to the gifts like last year we will be getting two free skins as confirmed by hypex. These skins are remakes of the “PEELY SKIN” and the “ISSABELLE” skin. Both of them have been tuned to suit the Christmas vibes. Hypex’s tweet is below:

on the left is the ice peely and on the right is the Christmas remake of Issabelle.


It has also been confirmed that pc players will be releasing a pc exclusive version of yet another remake of “ISSABELLE” skin known as “BLIZZABELLE”. This would be available as an add-on in the EPIC GAMES STORE and note that it is free of cost. This add-on will be available from December 16th to January 6th. The official promo image has been tweeted by Shiina :

personally, I think that this ice variant of Issabelle is better than the Christmas version of the one which we are going to get in the cabin.

For more information on this, you can read this


In conclusion, this winter fest is yet another success for epic games and its huge user base they have achieved the expectations of the new skins that their community wants, and this time we are lucky as Winterfest is just like an add on to the new chapter 3 season 1 which is already amazing. So that’s it for this blog do drop ur thoughts in the comments below 🙂 also Merry Christmas to everyone reading this .