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Is Fortnite Creative Down? Why is Creative Hub Not Appearing?

Fortnite is enjoying a steady rise in popularity once again, thanks to the arrival of the new Chapter 3 Season 1. Along with new unique weapons and NPCs, the new Season also comes with a brand new Sliding mechanic feature. The new Map includes locations from Chapter 1 as well.

However, since the launch of Chapter 3 Season 1, the popular Battle Royale has seen a number of technical issues. The most recent was one that saw the servers being down for over three hours – something that didn’t happen since Chapter 1.

To compensate for the inconvenience caused to players, Epic Games made the weekend starting from Jan. 7 to 10 a Power Levelling weekend. Alongside, all players who logged in to Fortnite during Winterfest received the new Crescent Shroom Pickaxe for free.

Is Fortnite Creative Servers Down?

On Jan 9, 2022, the latest technical hiccup occurred, when players realized the Creative Hub is not appearing. Subsequently, there were reports of items going missing from some of the Creative Islands. This has been since confirmed by Fortnite Status in a series of tweets.

Yes, the Fortnite Creative servers went down, with the Creative Hub not appearing for players to use. Epic Games acknowledged this problem with the following tweet from Fortnite Status.

Another follow-up tweet posted by the developers confirms the problem of Items going missing from some Creative Islands.

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When will the Servers be back?

Thankfully, Creative is back and functioning as of Jan 10, 2022. The developers confirmed the same, with a reply to the original tweet.

We are yet to hear further information from Epic Games regarding the missing items from Creative Islands. We will update this article as we receive news on further developments.

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