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Fortnite: How to find Nathan Drake’s Map

The new Uncharted movie has hit the big screens all over the world. The latest collaboration in Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 1 celebrates the occasion by bringing Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazer, new cosmetics, and Drake’s Map to the game. Players will now be able to buy the Uncharted Bundle from the Item Shop, which features Nathan Drake’s outfit from the movie, amongst other things.

How to find Drake’s Map in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1?

Drake’s Map is found in the Fortnite Battle Royale mode, as floor loot or chest spawns. Players may also find the map in Supply drops. The item takes up one slot in your inventory. Since there is no specific location for this item, it is advisable to drop in one of the major POIs to have better chance of finding it.

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Once you find Drake’s map, equip it from your inventory. After equipping it, a dotted line will appear in front of you. This will lead you to the chest containing high-rarity items. Once you get close to the chest, the bright yellow light should lead you toward the buried treasure. Once you reach it, you will notice a giant “X” on the ground. Hit the “X” mark with your pickaxe, and the buried chest should pop right up.

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Inside the chest, you will find high-tier loot, more than players can carry in their inventory. This mechanic is reminiscent of other Treasure maps that were introduced to Fortnite. Therefore, regular players will have no problem navigating their way to the treasure.

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