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Fortnite: How to Travel 100 meters While Flying in a Tornado

Chapter 3 Season 1 is a big leap for Fortnite. Epic Game’s brand new Unreal 5 engine promises a host of new gameplay mechanics that are sure to shake up the meta for good. One of the key changes has arrived, with the recent addition of Tornados and Lightning storms.

After weeks of rumors and speculations within the community, dynamic weather in the form of Tornados and Lightning storms are finally here in Fortnite Chapter 3. Contrary to their real-life counterparts, however, these tornadoes deal no damage to players. In fact, the new Seasonal Quest requires us to run right into them!

One of the new Seasonal Quests introduced along with the weather update requires players to travel 100 meters while riding a tornado. On the surface it seems like an easy task, however, finding a tornado is harder than one might presume.

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How to Fly A Tornado in Fortnite Chapter 3

Screenshot by FortniteIndia

The first thing we need to do to find a Tornado is to spot black cloud patches in the sky. These cloud patches are visible from hundreds of meters away. The black clouds stand out against the blue sky, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding them. The best way to find clouds is to reach a high point on the map, such as a hill. These clouds sometimes do not have a Tornado under them. However, every time there is a tornado, there will be a black cloud over it.

When you find a patch of black clouds, move quick, as they disappear in a matter of minutes. To fly inside the Tornado, all you need to do is walk right up to it. Upon getting close enough to it, the tornado will suck you up and spin you round and round, until you are ready to glide out of it.

A keynote to remember here is to not glide out of the tornado until the game notifies you that the Quest is marked complete. This is because the quest does not count the distance travelled when you glide out of the Tornado. So, it’s best to simply hang on and let the Tornado carry you as it travels its path.

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