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Fortnite Weather Update: Tornadoes and Lightning Added

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is turning out to be a big game-changer for the massively popular battle royale. Utilizing Epic Game’s brand new Unreal 5 Engine, Chapter 3 marks the introduction of several new game mechanics – like the new Sliding movement feature. Now, Epic Games have slowly started to flex the capabilities of the new Unreal 5 Engine, with the introduction of Dynamic Weather – with lightning and tornadoes!

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Weather Update

As part of Fortnite’s 19.01 Jan. 11 Hotfix, the developers have added tornadoes and lightning storms. Tornadoes can form in any part of the map. Much like in real life, these Tornadoes will pull up anything in their path, picking up items and damaging structures. If a player is close enough, it will launch them into the sky. Nevertheless, getting hurled by a tornado deals no damage. It can be used as a good method to rotate from or towards firefights.

Screenshot by FortniteIndia, via Epic Games

Next up we have the lightning storms. Large black clouds appear overhead, forecasting lightning storms. Lightning can strike a player, but not more than once in a single match. A small amount of damage is dealt with every time you are struck by lightning and it sets the surrounding area on fire.

However, players hit by lightning will also enjoy a temporary speed boost, much like Octane’s tactical from Apex Legends. In order to increase your chances of getting hit by lightning, you need to jump into a waterbody below the clouds or get to the highest point under it.

Flare Gun – Unvaulted

Image via Epic Games

One final change is coming to Hotfix 19.01 – The Flare Gun has been unvaulted. This means the Flare Gun can be found as ground loot, loot chests or supply drops.

One final note worth mentioning, tornadoes and lightning Storms are disabled in Competitive Matchmaking and Flare Guns are going through an evaluation period.

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