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Fortnite Telescope Locations: Where to Collect and Destroy Telescope Parts in Chapter 3 Season 1

New challenges on Fortnite usually drop on Thursdays. However, with the introduction of Tornadoes and Lightning Storms in the recent weather update, it seems there is a new Seasonal Quest that has been added for players to complete.

In the fifth week of Chapter 3 Season 1, The Scientist gives the player a new Quest. The goal of this quest is to destroy and collect 3 Telescope parts in one match. Upon completion of the quest before Jan. 22, 2022, the player will receive a 25,000 XP Bonus.

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Collecting the Telescopes

The most difficult part about this quest is finding the telescopes. The general area is marked on the map, but players need to head over to the location to get a better idea of the exact area. Collecting the telescope is a little different from other quests. In order to collect the telescope, the player needs to first destroy it using their pickaxe. Upon approaching a telescope, hit it once with your pickaxe, then proceed to collect the item with your primary interaction button.

There are a total of 9 telescope locations on the map. The screenshot of the map below highlights all the possible locations where the telescope parts spawn. For further details on exact locations for the parts, refer to the directions below.

All Telescopes Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3

Screenshot by FortniteIndia, via
  • Seven Outpost II: Outside the northeastern wall of the building on the west side of the complex.
  • Seven Outpost V: Outside the northwestern wall of the building on the south side of the complex.
  • Seven Outpost I: Inside the building in the northwestern corner of the complex.
  • Seven Outpost VI: Outside the southeastern wall of the complex’s main building.
  • Sanctuary: Outside the northern wall of the large building on the western edge of the complex.
  • Seven Outpost IV: Inside the building on the northern edge of the complex.
  • Seven Outpost III: Outside the southern wall of the building on the complex’s northern side.
  • Launchpad: Inside the small, circular building that extends off the building on the northern side of the area.
  • Seven Outpost VII: Outside the northern wall of the only building in the outpost.

The best route to take in order to collect and destroy three telescope parts is on the Eastern side of the map. Start at the Seven Outpost VII to get The Scientist to start the quest and collect the first telescope part. Once the quest is started, go to the Launchpad. Then, lastly, travel towards Sanctuary to collect the third and final telescope part.

Once you have collected all three telescope parts, the quest is complete.

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