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Fortnite: Where to find Ronin in Chapter 3 Season 1?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has received another recent update with the release of patch 19.20. The update adds a new POI to the map, called Covert Cavern. It is a high-tech POI, and is home to a Mythic Stinger SMG which players can obtain. Alongside, players can now also find the new katana-wielding battle pass character Ronin as NPC #23 on the island.

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Much like all the other NPCs, players can now locate and interact with NPC #23 Ronin to receive items and rewards. Players can find Ronin inside the house near the Pinnacle Peak landmark, which lies in the valley just beyond Covert Cavern. The map below shows us the exact location where players need to land, to find NPC #23 Ronin.

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Interacting with Ronin will instantly grant the player a free healing item. Ronin usually carries the Epic or Legendary variant of the MK-Seven Assault Rifle, which a player can purchase for 250 Gold Bars. Players can also purchase a bounty from Ronin for 75 Gold Bars. Additionally, Ronin has challenge rewards. Players can fight Ronin to get the Rare Auto Shotgun and Revolver.

Covert Cavern is a new POI. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it is a hot drop, usually attracting a lot of opponents. In order to ensure survival, players must tread carefully and make sure to eliminate any existing opponents who might be camping before interacting with Ronin.

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