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Where to find Tilted Towers in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1:

After weeks of teasers, rumors, and speculations, Tilted Towers is finally back in Fortnite.

Patch 19.10 has introduced a host of new features, including new locations, unique items, and rideable animals. Along with these, it also brings back one of the most iconic locations in Fortnite history – the Tilted Towers.

Tilted Towers was one of the hottest POIs on the Fortnite island since its introduction back in 2018. Tilted Towers was last seen in Chapter 1 Season 8. Therefore, its return is a moment of nostalgia for veteran players and the Fortnite community. Prior to Patch 19.10, Tilted Towers were seen on the map, completely frozen in ice.


Screenshot by FortniteIndia, via

Tilted Towers is located approximately in the center of the map. Players need to travel along a diagonal path, either South East from Coney Crossroads or Northeast from Greasy Grove. The map above shows us the exact location of Tilted Towers in Chapter 3 Season 1.

Apart from a few minor additions, the iconic POI has not seen too many changes. Veteran players will also recognize that the three main towers are exactly where they used to be. Alongside, there are a few vehicles, a reboot van, and a gas station.

Now that Tilted Towers is back, players can expect a lot of hot drops in the POI. So, it’s important to land quickly and arm up, to maximize your chances of survival. Generally speaking, the best advice is to avoid landing on top of the towers as very few weapons are there. Players should instead land on the lower floors, where the item Chests spawn.

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