News and Updates - December 20, 2021

Fortnite Winterfest 2021: How to Get Polar Peely Outfit

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Winterfest began on Dec. 16, 202, but for those who are unsure about this Christmas Celebration, here’s a quick recap!

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Recap

Fortnite likes to give back to its community every Christmas season, during 14 days (starting from December 16th, 2021 to Jan 6th, 2022) players get to open different sorts of presents that give them different types of cosmetics aka In-Game items such as wraps, loading screens, pickaxes, etc… and during this event players get to unlock 2 Free Outfits, this year, the Winterfest event has the Polar Peely and the Krisabella outfits which players can get for FREE!.

To get the Krisabelle outfit players are normally supposed to claim all the left side presents and for the Polar Peely outfit players are normally supposed to wait until the 9th Day of the Winterfest event but thanks to a Discord Bot called the AK47 Bot, AK47 Bot users can get the Polar Peely early, you might think this sounds fake and that there is no way that you can get a Outfit early but it is true, many people from the AK47 Bot Community have already claimed their Polar Peely and many recently joined the server and claimed that outfit, thanks to a trusted and popular Fortnite Dataminer FNBRIntel who made a tutorial video. Those interested can watch the video below

How to Log In to your Epic Games Account

Here are the steps: (Please remember that you need to have a present available to get the skin.)

  • Join the AK Facility discord server using this link :
  • Head to the #commands section or DM the bot .login
  • Something like this should pop up:
  • Once you see this click on the “Log in to your Epic Games account
  • It should show you something like this; once you are at this stage copy the code after “code =” and type:

.login aabbccddeeff11223344556677889900

  • Once your logged in type “.winterfest”
  • You will be shown the list of the presents with a small menu depending on your platform
  • After having clicked on it scroll down to the last present and you should see “Polar Peely (Outfit)
  • Click or Tap on it and you should see a reply saying “Claimed Present

Now when you launch Fortnite your gift should pop up on the screen if it doesn’t don’t worry just check your locker and it should be there.

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