Fortnite Guides - December 27, 2021

Guide: How to set up a Fortnite account

To set up a Fortnite account you have to:-
1. Go to any web browser

2. Visit

3. Press sign-in button

4. Press sign up in the bottom

5. Then choose a way to sign up and add the details and press continue

6. After creating an account go back to sign in screen and tell the email address and password

7. Press the download button on the top right of ur screen after signing in and download the Epic Games launcher

8. After the download open the launcher and sign in to your account

9. After you sign in press the search at top left and search Fortnite

10. After searching for Fortnite press on Fortnite and “add to library”

11. After doing that go to the library button on the left

12. After pressing the library button press install on Fortnite

13. After downloading it should show something like this

14. Launch the game by pressing on launch and then Enjoy!