News and Updates - December 12, 2021

New in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1

So, Fortnite Chapter 3: Flipped is here! With it comes an entirely new map, new weapons, a new mechanic (sliding) and much more! Even the old quadcrasher returns but nerfed, not allowing you to fly unlike in Chapter 1.

Well, all of this is cool and all, but there are new features to look out for going.

New monsters/wildlife:

New monsters, as seen in the official trailer as well as the promo image, show us these creatures. According to leakers, these also might be ridable, but we will have to see it for ourselves.

Fortnite Winterfest

As in Chapter 2: Season 1 when we could open presents every day for 14 days? Well, according to leakers, it is coming back.

Tilted Towers:

Yes. The original tilted towers from Chapter 1 is coming back. As seen from the Week 8 challenges for the game, there are quests including tilted towers.

Courtesy of HYPEX, a prominent leaker, he shows how this location with snow covering tilted, lines up completely with some of the tilted’s buildings.

Tilted Towers gonna return!!

New Heals:

The Shield Sprinkler

Pizza Party Heal

New upcoming Loot Sources:

  • The new season will also be bringing us some new upcoming Loot Sources
  • Bad Holiday Gift Box
  • Sgt. Winter Vehicle (Gifts & Weapons)
  • Butter Cake Bush (Butter Cake Berry Item)
  • Butter Cake (killing the dinosaurs) Elimination (Rare Meat that gives 50 HP)
  • IO Brute Boss (Mythic SMG)
  • IO Compound Team (Mythic Shotgun & SMG)
  • IO Field Team (SMG)

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this season!!