Fortnite Guides - December 11, 2021

Fortnite Chapter 3: Sliding The New Meta

So as we all know Fortnite Chapter 3 is finally here and it has exceeded many expectations of its users. The new chapter has started off with yet another amazing update with lots of changes. The whole map has changed, and TILTED TOWERS is back. Several new guns were added, but the best of all changes is the new slide mechanic.

This has just started a new meta that changes the game to a whole new level. This new mechanic is a new way of having fun in Fortnite. It also introduces an immense change on the competitive side of Fortnite too.

Image via Epic Games

Sliding Meta In Fortnite

Sliding will become a huge part of the future of Fortnite esports once players get used to the new mechanic. Popular Fortnite expert RAIDER464 had recently posted a video of him practising the mechanic in several creative ways. This video can help us get an idea of how the sliding mechanic can change the game.

His video is given below as a reference for players to follow!

Brief On The Technique

So basically to slide all you have to do is press the crouch button while your character is sprinting. So in this video raider shows a good set of using the sliding technique.

  • First he shows how to slide and do a top right triangle edit on the wall. Sliding helps player to get cover from the opponent and get a good angle to shoot.
  • Second he shows tarping with sliding its basically rotating with tarping with raiders own twist to the original version. This does seem to work pretty well as it helps the player to tarp faster and move ahead faster.
  • The next technique raider showcases is how a player can slide and place a stair inside an opponent’s box. He also tells that if we press the crouch button mid air we end up sliding when we land. This is a technique which can be really handy in actual competitive scenarios. He does have a few more techniques but i have briefed on the important ones.

Now, the new mechanic is untapped its ability to change the meta is previewed in raiders’ video. I personally believe that sliding has much more potential to change the meta.

This new Chapter has been one of the best so far and it has really made the game fun and interesting. Epic Games really put in a lot of effort to bring out this chapter. Hope to see more updates like this in the future.