Fortnite Guides - December 16, 2021

Top 5 Landing Spots Fortnite Chapter 3


Pawntoon also known as the secret boat has made its second appearance on the fortnite island .It was originally from chapter 2 season 3 and has been removed since . It drifts randomly at a location so it is a pretty tough job to find it. it is such a popular drop spot for player since it contains heavy loot . It contains a total of seven chest with 3 of them being henchman chests and 4 other normal chests and also contains a supply drop .make sure not to pop any shields because this POI contains 12 slurp barrels which makes it one of the best spots in fortnite right now


Sleepy sound is one of the new locations added to fortnite in chapter 3 . it has suitable loot for your squad as it contains a WHOOPING 74 chests . there is also a lot of coolers and ice boxes which can heal you . it also has a number of fishing spots .


Rock reels is also a new locations added to fortnite in chapter 3 . it is inspired from one of the the most fan loved locations Risky reels. It contains 27 chests ,2 coolers, an ice box, a campfire and reboot van which makes it perfect for you and your squad to land .


Another Good drop spot to land in fortnite chapter 3 is Logjam Lumberyard . It looks very similar to Logjam woodworks from chapter 2 .This spots contains around 40 chests and has plenty of wood u can farm on . It also has crackshots cabin near it which is also a good spot for landing .


while half the map is covered with snows ,Condo canyon falls in the desert biome. it has 28 chest in total and has a lot of slurp barrels and coolers . overall it is a really good spot to land with your friends .

that covers all 5 over powered spots to land in fortnite chapter 3 season 1 .